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The Northumberland Community Shines Bright at Ashington Xmas Light Switch-On Event

Tis the season for joy and community spirit, and last Thursday, Northumberland came together to celebrate the magic of Christmas at the Ashington Xmas Light Switch-on event. The festive gathering drew a fantastic turnout, creating an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

The heartwarming sense of community was palpable as residents and families gathered to witness the illumination of Ashington’s Christmas lights. The Northumberland Community took center stage, joining in the merriment with enthusiasm and camaraderie.

Our Staff had the pleasure of capturing the essence of the event through a series of brilliant photos. From the dazzling lights to the joyous expressions on people’s faces, each snapshot encapsulates the festive atmosphere that filled the air that evening.

The event served as a testament to the strong sense of unity and togetherness that defines The Northumberland Community. As we shared in the joy of the holiday season, it was evident that these moments of connection and celebration are what make our community truly special.

Whether it was the cheerful carolers, the enchanting decorations, or the anticipation leading up to the grand light switch-on, every element contributed to the magic of the evening. The Northumberland Community proudly embraced the holiday spirit, fostering a sense of belonging that will resonate throughout the festive season and beyond.


In the spirit of community, we look forward to more shared moments and gatherings that bring us together. As the lights continue to shine brightly in Ashington, so does the warmth of our collective spirit, making this holiday season one to remember for The Northumberland Community.

Let the magic of Christmas continue to light up our hearts and homes as we celebrate the season of joy and connection. ✨🎄 #NorthumberlandCommunity #AshingtonLights #ChristmasCelebration

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