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NCB Encourages Members to be part of UK Nation of Savers

NCB and The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) teamed up recently with a savings incentive pilot. By encouraging some of our less active members to save a little regularly: we feel this makes our members less likely to fall into debt. Debt has also been shown to contribute to stress and stress is the most common cause of other sickness related illnesses.

Did you know… that NCB Pilot group members have saved £815 since January And will be on track to have savings of £3960 By the end of 2021.

What NCB members with new savings habits had to say…

Member Quote 1…  ” Very supportive and easy to use, pain free way to save. It’s good to know someone is there helping you through these crazy times ”

Member Quote 2… ” I feel empowered as I’m saving for my future ”

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