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Raising Awareness and Building Relationships’ in the Lynemouth Ward with County Councillor Liz Dunn

In July, the NCB Relationship Manager was delighted to be asked to accompany Councillor Liz Dunn to her Lynemouth Ward. Given the recent Covid-19 lockdown; this was the first face to face and socially distant community meeting for Yvonne the NCB Relationship Manager.

It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity meet some of the busy local community and provide some initial insights into what the NCB is all about and drop off some posters and leaflets. Mainly in the active areas of Lynemouth including the Pharmacy, the Beauty Boutique and other community buildings.

It is hoped to arrange very soon, a more concentrated effort and community engagement for Councillor Dunns’ ward areas. Building the relationship and partnership further across other areas of Northumberland. NCB would love to increase our awareness and membership and feel the areas of Cresswell, Ellington, Lynemouth and Linton, are amongst those local communities that we look forward to supporting, engaging, and raising awareness of our ethical financial services.

Raising awareness: as a not- for -profit but for local people in Northumberland and seen as a safe place for savings, and ethical lending tailored to individual requirements.

To let locals, know that savings deposited with us create a fund to lend to local people. The visit and leaflet drop also enabled NCB to begin to try and prevent locals resorting to payday lenders, loan sharks and those most vulnerable to accessing other high interest lenders. NCB is here to help, and we are an alternative to the other high street banking services.

First drop off point: The Lynemouth Day Centre: The team were hard at it getting the building and area Covid secure and ready for the welcoming back of their visitors to the centre after many months. The sensory garden was looking particularly superb and well looked after. Vikki the business manager was also keen on knowing more about the community bank and how the payroll deduction services could enable her staff of the centre to start saving regularly through their salary.

Second drop off: The delightful ‘Sunflower Café’ – Where Sally Devito the Café owner has created a warm, welcoming, and terrific atmosphere – The delicious cakes and strawberry tarts looked and tasted amazing! An emerging community hub for the Lynemouth locals and Sally was excited about spreading the NCB word and displaying our NCB leaflets.

Finally: BACMANS Community Limited: This was a fantastic opportunity for the NCB Relationship Manager to finally meet, Bob and Christina Bacman. NCB have an existing relationship and collaboration with BACMANS and CELL BIG Local: and now that the Covid restrictions are being eased: it was a pleasure to have finally met both Bob and Christina face to face. Clare McKay the CELL Big Local Project Co-ordinator was not available on the day, and we continue to develop the relationship further as we support the community and small businesses.

Quote: Councillor Liz Dunn – …’I was aware of the Northumberland Community Bank and feel that the locals of Lynemouth community should also have the opportunity to know and learn how NCB could help support with any financial elements; that perhaps the high street bank cannot.

It is always a challenge with high street banks closing and where we are situated in the county the NCB on-line facilities and future opportunities to do community drop in hubs and initiatives here in the local community is welcomed…’

From L to R: Councillor Liz Dunn, Vikki Thompson Day Centre Business Manager, Yvonne Carter NCB Relationship Manager.

From L to R: Councillor Liz Dunn and Sally Devito Sunflower Café Owner

BACMANS Community Limited

L to R: Councillor Liz Dunn, Bob, and Christina Bacman

L to R: Councillor Liz Dunn, Bob, and Christina Bacman


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