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Lauren Langton – World Credit Union Conference 2022

As the World Credit Union Conference has wrapped up from last week, NCB Board Director, Lauren Langton, who attended the event in NCB’s place thanks to ABCUL awarding a free ticket, has made a blog about her time at the event.

Read the Blog below:

After several years being involved in the sector, attending the World Credit Union Conference in Glasgow was a first for me.  It was a brilliant experience; I was among the 1600 Credit Union Professionals from 51 countries who met to hear experts from around the globe.

I left the conference satisfied that NCB was paying attention to what really matters – our members.  We must continue to make the most of technological developments (and there are many) whilst keeping a personal touch to ensure we do not exclude anyone who needs our services.

The current focus for NCB is on helping our members navigate any financial difficulties they are experiencing in this post pandemic world.   Most people have been impacted by the increase in the cost of living and many have been left finding even the basics on life hard to afford.  The uncertainly about what will happen to interest rates and particularly energy bills is at the forefront of many members’ minds.  We must continue to do whatever we can to support them in this turbulent time.

We must also look beyond the immediate focus though and consider what will be affecting our members in the future.  Many people care deeply about climate change and social responsibility.  There are different economic models playing out right now that we all need to contend with, e.g. Buy Now Pay Later and the different types of high cost credit being made available from new players in the financial marketplace.  Other developments such as the use of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens may seem like sci-fi to some of us but within a few years these terms will be part of our everyday language and certainly part of the financial landscape.

The NCB board, staff and volunteers will continue to develop the community bank and embrace such changes to better serve our members.

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